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  • Allen started the conversation

    Are there any plans to fix the issue with twitterFetcher?  You can no longer get a widget ID.  Is there another method to get the tweets (timeline) to display?

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    Estudio replied

    Hi!, yes!, another user had the same problem, as we know, Twitter doesn't want to support client side languages like Javascript anymore, so you must use the "Search Widget" instead.


    1. Go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets
    2. Create a new one and select "search"
    3. As query you must use: churchhacksco
    4. Click save and copy the app id "is inside the url".
    5. Paste the ID inside config.js

    Hope this may help you!

  • Allen replied

    That doesn't help.  That's the search widget.  Is there a plan to update the template so that you can actually get the timeline/tweets to display?

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    Estudio replied

    Hi!, this is something related with Twitter, because they are not going to support external timeline.

    As developers we can't do anything about it, Twitter already changed his timeline widget and we don't have a safe way to get the timeline with a client side language.

    In Summary:

    1.- The only public widget is Search, timelines are now managed directly by Twitter: https://publish.twitter.com/

    2.- Ghost CMS, use a client side language (Javascript + NodeJS), so we have fewer options compared to a server side language like (PHP), example: Wordpress is developed on PHP so you can connect with the Twitter API v1.1 with all permissions.

    Hope you may understand.

    Note: because a lot of users need timelines, i recommend you to create a new one and paste the code in the Sidebar, and of course, remove the Tweets slide on the top.