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Tag cloud problem


  • Ollie started the conversation

    We are noticing that a few of the features are not working correctly:

    The TAG CLOUD feature is not working
    The FEATURE TOP and FEATURE BOTTOM tags that should force the populating of subheads don’t seem to work
    The CAROUSEL tag isn’t working either.

    We have standard installation, using Symmetric 1.5.  Ghost is not installed in a subdirectory.  Our main URL brings up the ghost blog with the proper theme.  Permissions are correct on the theme's files.  At the moment, the blog is not public as we just started working on it.

    Thank you

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    Estudio replied


    I think you have a problem with the HTTP request that we need to populate the tag cloud, feature top and bottom sections.

    When your site is already online, send us the URL to check it. Maybe the problem will not persists when you go live.