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The theme does not load any asset


  • Ivan started the conversation


    I have a problem with the theme. I upload the theme to my Digital Ocean droplet via SFTP to the "content/themes" folder of my ghost installation, and when I choose the symmetric theme on the ghost's admin panel as selected theme for my blog, if I try to refresh the page, I see that all the assets raise an 404 error, so my blog does not have any style or js at all. 

    I restart ghost service, but nothing happens. With other themes that I have it works fine, but with this theme not. Could you help me please?

    Thank you!

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    Estudio replied

    Hi!, i checked your website but you are using another template.

    When  you enable symmetric send us a message to check this out.

    We will waiting your response, thanks!

  • Ivan replied


    I've been checking the server configuration of my website, and I saw that it was because of how it was configured. I made a change and now works perfectly.

    Apologies for having opened a ticket for this. By the way, nice theme and nice work!


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    Estudio replied


    Glad to know was an external problem and now is working fine.

    Best Regards!