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  • Sam started the conversation

    Hi again! 

    Been customising my site more and would like to age the tag archives pages like you have on your demo for the symmetric theme on themeforest. On the demo they are titled #Tech and #Nature, I believed. 

    Haven't been able to do it and I've looked on your setup html document but can't find it on there either. 

    Hope you can help. 

    Many thanks,


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    Estudio replied


    There is 2 important things about tag archives:

    1.- The template has a tag cloud who is filled automatically.

    2.- When you added enough posts with 1 tag in particular, you can add optionally this tag to your main menu, like this:

    Maybe you just need to add a little more content.

    Hope this may help you!

  • Sam replied


    Thank you for the help! Worked perfectly.