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Count comments with commento instead of Disqus


  • Amaury started the conversation


    As you can see there's 3 comments on this posts but script doesn't count them. Where do I need to modify the script to make it count commento comments please ?

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    Estudio replied


    Because this is a third party plugin not included withing the theme, we can't offer much support.

    But checking the commento docs, here is the solution: https://docs.commento.io/configuration/frontend/count.html probably you must change all "#comments" links with "#commento" to get the counter working.

    If that doesn't work, try using a full link instead, example 

    <a href="{{@site.url}}{{url}}#commento">counter</a>


  • Amaury replied

    You're truly awesome, it works like a charm