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I can t instal image map pro plugin


  • Novak Guslov started the conversation


    I'm reading this document: http://estudiopatagon.com/themes/docs/breek-wp/ and I'm following steps that are given in this document. I want to instal Image map pro plugin (attachment 1) but the plugin section doesn t apper at all (attachment 2) on my dashbord. There is only themes section. 

    I want to know if I missed some important step and fix this.

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    Novak Guslov

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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    The image map pro plugin is just an example of how should look a purchased product in that tab after the Envato Market is connected with your account (so the list of plugins depends directly of what plugins you already purchased).

    The only bundled plugin is ACF Pro.

    Hope this may clarify your question.

    Have a nice day!