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Change font


  • k-lfa started the conversation


    Is still possible to change the font ?

    I would like to change the actual font 'Roboto' in 'Consolas'

    Is still possible to change it ? If yes How to proceed ?

    Thank you !

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    Estudio replied


    Yes, it is possible.

    Just add this custom CSS:

    body{ font-family: Consolas; }

    If you need that font also for your titles:

    .title{ font-family: Consolas; }

    It is recommended to add these changes into the Code Injection -> head of your Ghost admin with the style tag.



  • k-lfa replied

    Thank you very much !

    Add Custom CSS in code injection or with editing the file ?

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    Estudio replied

    Personally, i prefer injection so your customizations will be safe in case of updating the theme.

    But some people prefer to add the changes directly in the main themes files, but you will need to compile them so it is a litte of more work to do i think.