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How customize bloc code (prism.js)


  • k-lfa started the conversation


    I will want to customize the bloc of code with syntax color and delete the scrool bar in bloc code.

    I generate my prism.js and my prism.css but  I do not know where to put them ?

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    Estudio replied


    In that case you will need to install Prepos 6 to compile that changes, check  the documentation section nº 5: http://prntscr.com/nujwg0

    After Prepos 6 is installed you can do any change to our CSS or JS scripts, for example:

    1.- Go to hondo/assets/scss/plugins/_prism.scss and you can replace it with your own PRISM CSS code.

    2.- Go to hondo/assets/js/prism.min.js and replace it with your own prism code.

    3.- Save your changes and you will see a green face if the changes were saved properly.

    Let me know if that helps you!

  • k-lfa replied

    Hi, It work thank you it's clear