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Glitch with the sticky menu


  • Kobi started the conversation

    Hi, I love the theme! but there's a tiny glitch when scrolling down and then scrolling back to the top, I think it is related to the sticky menu. How can I fix it?

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  • Kobi replied

    Also in the mobile version, the hamburger icon is on the search icon..

  •   Kobi replied privately
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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    I tested your website and you are right, something is breaking the sticky header.

    I tried to replicate the error on my local environment with no success, probably is something specific of your website.

    Anyway, i forced the sticky header height, so it should work fine (you will see i added some extra CSS here: http://prntscr.com/nnpis4) also i changed a little your search icon to a more properly CSS and fixed the search icon on mobile.