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Feature Suggestions for Reco


  • Gopal Raha started the conversation

    Feature Suggestions for Reco are:

    1. Related Post below the content single

    2. Posts Bar above footer

    3. Social Widget

    4. Header Secondary menu above primary

    5. Replace image based previous<--->next to text and move it above author

    If these options are integrate to this theme then it will be the number one blog theme in TF market.
  • Gopal Raha replied

    Image attachments are:

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    Estudio replied

    Hi Gopal!

    Thank you for all your suggestions!

    Several of them are on my to-do list, but i didn't have much time to implement them, even i'm delayed with the Woocommerce release.

    Just checkout the changelog whenever i push any update.

    Regards! and thank you for your time!