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Seo descriptions


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    Willy started the conversation

    Hi, I would like to know if in this theme I can use seo descriptions for the homepage, categories and labels.

    It is something important for SEO, it usually goes down and explains the content of the site.

    If not, would you think about implementing it in the future?

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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    Yes, it's something that can be implemented in the future, probably just some basic options for SEO like meta description.

    A large amount of our customers install Yoast SEO plugin, which offers a lot more of functionalities, including meta descriptions, meta keywords and the most important: how your posts are shared on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, also that will help you with Whatsapp shared links.

    I highly recommend you to install it if you want a lot of organic visitors.


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    Willy replied

    Yes, always work with that plugin, but the template must have the option to create a description in the index, categories and tags.

    Like bread crumbs, they are implemented with yoast seo, but the template must have the design part so that they look good.

    Greetings and thanks for your response.