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Category and author in mobile


  • Gaspard started the conversation

    Hello !

    For of all, thank for this theme :)

    I have a little question, in the home page, you can filter by author and category, but when you go on mobile, you only have the "Search box".

    Do you know how to let them appear in mobile ? Did I miss something ?

    Thank you !


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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    That was intended, right now on mobile there is not much space for all filters so we prioritized the search box instead of category/author boxes.

    I will check if we can enable them on mobile, we have some plans for the search box and we are going to add a global search box next to the logo: 

    Maybe with that change, we can add the filters on that red area.

    Hope this information may help you!