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  • Michelle Ashby started the conversation

    Reco theme link color question:

    Hi! How can I change the overall link color (not hover color) for the site?  It seems like my links are the same color as the text of the site, so when you view my posts any links are not discernible unless you hover over them, so I have to add elements to distinguish them.

    I have already changed the red color on the theme with no issue, but can't find where I can distinguish color between what is a link and what is just text.  It looks the same color unless you hover over it.

    See example here, I had to enclose it with [       ] in order to make it noticeable.


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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    I checked your website and you are right, there is a contrast problem, so you need to add the next custom code to reco/default.hbs

    div.text a{ color: #8a81b3; }

    After line nÂș 34 just like the next screenshot: http://prntscr.com/kca9ay

    Let me know if this resolve your issue.


  • Michelle Ashby replied

    Thank you for the super fast reply! This is exactly what I needed!  Fixed and working great!