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Base CSS files not getting applied


  • Akhil started the conversation

    Hi, I uploaded the reco.zip file directly via the admin panel and the theme does not load up properly, the site is now available at If you look at the headers and the footer section, the css files loading from /assets/sass/base/* is not referenced and does not get called. I am using Ghost ver 1.24.6 

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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for contact us!

    As i said in your themeforest comment, it is important to use CSS files, because SASS are pre-compiled languages and is not supported on all browsers.

    You must include a <link> tag with the correct CSS file. On our template we are using dist/style.min.css and dist/plugins.min.css, so if you are trying to do some CSS changes, you must check "How to change the main color" in the documentation included to learn how to use prepos 6 compiler.

    Try to use the original css files like the next screenshot: http://prntscr.com/k9qnk0 if you find any kind of problem loading these 2 CSS files, maybe can be something related to your Server, Ghost Installation or Browser.

    Let me know if can i assist you with anything else.


  • Akhil replied

    Thanks and we can close this ticket