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Functionality Issue


  • Jason started the conversation

    When searching the results list just stacks, although the result count is accurate. Attaching a screenshot of an example. The first two times you search there is just the correct result, subsequent searches start to stack the result until the page is refreshed regardless of term used. 

    Additionally, I know this is a feature request, but would it be possible to instead have GhostHunter work dynamically with onKeyUp?

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    Estudio replied

    Hi!, thank you for contact us!

    I checked your website and you are right, the result stacks if the page is not refreshed, so i will fix this in the next update.

    About your feature, i don't think it is possible because on the keyUp event, every time the user insert a new character the lightbox will be opened.

    The keyUp feature works on inline search boxes, so in this case, the lightbox must be edited in several ways.

    Hope this may help you!

  • Jason replied

    Hi, I saw a release for the update regarding search duplication, and just thought I'd share the fix I input. I was able to get a version of onKeyUp working by making the search button open a div using magnific popup, and having the form and results in this div, but the duplication appears to have been fully resolved by following the suggestions for 0.5 of ghostHunter regarding the result_template formatting like this:

    result_template: '<div id="gh-{{ref}}" class="gh-search-item box grid-50 tablet-grid-50"><article class="item"><h4 class="title"><a href="{{link}}">{{title}}</a></h4><p><time><i class="fa fa-clock-o"></i> {{pubDate}}</time></p></article></div>',

    The gh-{{ref}} and gh-search-item were called out as requirements for ghostHunter to identify the unique results, and this worked for the original search function, and when I changed it to work with onKeyUp, which produces new results constantly as you type. Thank you for the work, and if you'd like to see what I have working for the search function I have it up at http://hystcast.com

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    Estudio replied

    Hi! thank you for share your solution, i changed the main javascript file, but the gh-ref solution seems to be a better solution to implement in case the ghosthunter author change his code.

    About your website, you did pretty good integrations i really like that slider you added, so keep that work!

    The only minimal thing you could change is the close button outside the main white container: http://prntscr.com/kdgaiz the rest of your website looks pretty good!

    Best Regards!