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Some improvement needed


  • Adi started the conversation

    Hi there,

    thanks for your very good theme. I have some issue that needs improvement which some of them I have done myself

    1. minify css and js (solved by myself)
    2. change page manipulation tag such as carousel into internal tag, since it will be visible in the google structured data (important and unsolved)
    3. footer menu design (solved by myself)
    4. slick related autoplay (solved by myself)

    I hope to hear nice feedback from you guys most importantly on number 2.

    thank you

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    Estudio replied

    Hi!, thank you for contact us!

    I checked your website and we are glad you have advanced HTML, CSS and JS knowledge to do all these changes.

    Question 1:

    - Your minified files are working pretty good (no js errors on console) and you have a nice Google Speed Score. Maybe you can enable server compression (gzip) if you have access to this option.

    Question 2:

    Ghost doesn't include a safe way to add invisible tags (not indexed by google). But we already include a robots.txt file.

    Google and any search robot, should read this file and skip any url (carousel, featured top and bottom) added inside.

    If you have any extra url to add i recommend you to follow this format:

    Disallow: /relative-path-to-any-page/
    Disallow: /custom-page/
    Disallow: /tag/custom-tag/

    Question 3:

    - It seems to working pretty good, in terms of design paddings and margins are correct. Just a recommendation is to set target="_blank" on social links so your users will stay more time on your website.

    Question 4:

    We can't check if this is working or not (there is only 4 articles in the slider). 

    Hope this may help you!

  • Adi replied

    #1 can you help me with this? havent really in touch with gzip. is this supposed to do from nginx?

    #1 yes I saw that robots too but that is not what I meant. I refer yo the application ld+json ghost created. you can see an attribute called keywords and will contain carousel, breaking news, etc. 

    imho it is much cleaner if its only filled by user tag wothout theme tag. that is why carousel should become #carousel

    #3 well noted and thanks

    #4 you can check on breaking news

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    Estudio replied

    1.- It depends of what kind of service you are using. If you are using VPS you need to do this via ssh with root access: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-the-gzip-module-to-nginx-on-ubuntu-14-04

    If you are using cPanel: http://www.windhosting.net/knowledgebase/2/How-to-enable-GZIP-compression-in-cPanel-Sites.html

    If your website is hosted on ghost.io you can not change this option.

    2.-  Sorry i know what you mean, from the start, tags should be not created to customize the layout of the website, but Ghost has a fewer options like Wordpress.

    Even on meta tags: http://prntscr.com/gsjzf1 and json app: http://prntscr.com/gsk1ar these data is irrelevant.

    We can not change this information because is generated by default by Ghost. Maybe on the future, we can add custom fields like Wordpress and remove these tags.

    3.- No problem!

    4.- Yes! it's working pretty good.

    Hope this may help you!

  • Adi replied

    very well noted and thanks for the gzip insight, luckily I used digocean. 

    will write another one when I find interesting issue again. 

    thank you