Reco for Wordpress


1. How to translate a theme with Poedit

2. FAQ: ACF PRO plugin doesn't update automatically

3. How to Update Reco or any WP theme

1. How to translate a theme with Poedit

There are multiple ways to translate a theme but there are 2 recommended methods to translate any theme:

1.- Installing Loco translate plugin (the easy way).

2.- With Poedit, in that case you must follow the next steps:

  1. Download Poedit
  2. Click file and create from POT
  3. Inside reco/languages you will find reco.pot:
  4. Select a language:
  5. Fill the translation box of every string:
  6. Click save and change the name with the Wordpress locale code: in this case is fr_FR.po
  7. Your file should look like this:

  8. Finally upload that file into your reco/languages folder, it is highly recommendable to create of backup of your new language. Whenever you update the theme there is a risk to loose your .mo and .po files.

2. FAQ: ACF PRO plugin doesn't update automatically

Whenever a bundled plugin has an available update, you will see a message similar to this:

Because ACF is bundled inside the theme you can get a similar error like:

"Update Package is unavailable"

The solution is pretty simple, just remove ACF pro plugin and re install from the same message.

Or you can upload from your main zip file:

3. How to Update Reco or any WP theme

Multiple customers ask us how can they update our Wordpress Theme, so here is a little guide can help you.

Important: it is highly recommended to do a backup before you update (theme, database and custom translations), also it is a good idea to back up your options from theme panel: 

The steps are:

  1. Download Envato Toolkit from here:
  2. Upload that plugin into your WP admin like the next screenshot:

  3. After installed and activated, you will see a new section "Envato" at the bottom of your wp-admin panel. You must click settings and add your token here:
  4. If you don't have any token create, you must click the next url:
  5. Enter a name, for example "Theme Updates" and you must ensure "Download your purchased item" checkbox is active:
  6. Finally copy your generated token into your wp-admin -> envato -> settings -> token field.
  7. If everything is correct, you will see a new list similar to this:
  8. Now you can check regularly whenever one of our themes is updated.

Super Important: every time Reco is updated you must ensure you have the same version for Reco Functions plugin. 

For example, Reco Theme v1.7 need at least Reco Functions v1.7 to work properly. So if you are experiencing any kind of problem, it is recommended to unninstall Reco Functions and Re-install the plugin.