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How to migrate from Redux Framework to CSF Framework

On Breek version 3.0 we added a full new Theme Options Panel and it was fully replaced with CSF Framework, this will break some codes so it is important to follow some steps before doing the migration.

Some of the benefits of this migration are:

  1. Highly optimized framework, just 200KB of size.
  2. Redux framework plugin is not required anymore (save more than 1.5MB).
  3. The new framework will allow new kind of fields, so in the future more complex options could be added without problems.
  4. All options without exception can be used in the Customizer for live preview purposes (on old Redux panel, only a few options are available).

Start the migration:

  1. Go to your wp-admin -> Theme Options -> Import/Export (this will ensure all your Theme Options data is safe in case of rollback):
  2. Install the update, you can do this from EstudioPatagon -> License Page.
  3. Update Breek Functions Plugin to v3.0
  4. You should see the new Theme Options section at the end of your wp-admin, there are 3 areas that you must manually check: Styling, Typography and Sidebars:
  5. If all is in order, click "Save".
  6. Visit your Front End (website) and check if all custom options like, styling, enabled/disabled options are properly rendered.
  7. If all is ok, you can safely remove Redux Framework from your Plugins section.