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How to translate a theme with Poedit

There are multiple ways to translate a theme but there are 2 recommended methods to translate any theme:

1.- Installing Loco translate plugin (the easy way).

2.- With Poedit, in that case you must follow the next steps:

  1. Download Poedit
  2. Click file and create from POT
  3. Inside reco/languages you will find reco.pot:
  4. Select a language:
  5. Fill the translation box of every string:
  6. Click save and change the name with the Wordpress locale code: in this case is fr_FR.po
  7. Your file should look like this:

  8. Finally upload that file into your reco/languages folder, it is highly recommendable to create of backup of your new language. Whenever you update the theme there is a risk to loose your .mo and .po files.